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Custom Murals: Painted Surfaces Your Way

So you want a mural? Awesome! You found the right person and I am sure you have many questions about the whole set up. Here you can find out all about how I work and how WE potentially could work together on something amazing! And you know what's great? I paint in both, private homes and businesses - the sky is our limit!

Get in touch faster than a lightning bolt - because I am excited to hear about your project!

Murals are a perfect way to transform your spaces and walls, especially if you want to create a bold statement, create a memorable space and add character to a site. Instantly striking upon the view, it is no wonder that murals are becoming increasingly popular additions to corporate offices, hotels, cafes, residences, and co-working spaces. They are excellent additions for both the outdoors and indoors, and unlike paintings and sculptures, they don’t take up any space or additional materials at all.

Get In Touch

You get in touch with me via email, my website submission below or a DM on Instagram and we talk through all your ideas, aspirations & the space you have in mind for your very custom designed mural. 

Let's Make A Plan

Spontaneous painting? Sure but not in your space. I want to make you are getting the best quotation and design.

To achieve that I will ask you send me:
- pictures of the space in mind
- measurements
- color palette ideas
- any specific needs/ want

Investment Estimate

A custom painted wall mural can average anything from 2500-3000sek/ sqm* with a minimum of 7500sek per project.

Always included are:
- Design & artistic touches
- Painting supplies (paint, brushes, masking tape)
- Labor & travel

*extra expenses are excluded, such a scaffolding/ lift/ travel beyond 1.5h per direction

All About The Design

Up on agreeing on a budget and color palette, I will design and illustrate rough sketches for your space, so that you get a pretty good idea of what it's going to look like before any paint brushes are taken out.

Time To Paint

Let's get painting! On painting day(s) I will ask you that the area is cleaned of any personal belongings or at a minimum covered and moved aside. You can absolutely be around and watch/ come and say hello, but if you have small children or pets, please keep them supervised as paint is a very tempting thing for small hands or paws ;-)

Time to get in touch!

Multicolored Mural in the office of Terra & Tint

Teenage Bedroom

Desert Inspired Mural

Custom Mural at the International English School in Hässelby, Stockholm

Mountain Inspired Custom Mural

Foliage Inspired Laundry Room Mural

Custom Design Ideas